Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What causes hemorrhoids?

It is not known why hemorrhoid flare-ups increase. There are several concepts about the cause, such as insufficient consumption of roughage, extended seated on the bathroom, and serious stressing to have a bm (constipation). None of these concepts has strong trial support.

Maternity is a obvious cause of improved hemorrhoid flare-ups though, again, the reason is not obvious. Cancers in the hips also cause growth of hemorrhoid flare-ups by pushing on blood vessels depleting up-wards from the rectal channel.

One concept indicates that it is the shearing (pulling) power of feces, particularly hard feces, moving through the rectal channel that pulls the hemorrhoidal pillows down. Another concept indicates that with age or an irritating condition, the assisting cells that is accountable for anchoring the hemorrhoid flare-ups to the actual muscular of the rectal channel drops.
With time, the hemorrhoidal cells drops its mooring and slips down into the rectal channel.

One physical fact that is known about improved hemorrhoid flare-ups that may be appropriate to knowing why they form is that the stress is raised in the rectal sphincter, the muscular that encompasses the rectal channel and the hemorrhoid flare-ups.

The rectal sphincter is the muscular that allows us to control our bowels. It is not known, however, if this raised stress comes before the development of improved hemorrhoid flare-ups or is the result of the hemorrhoid flare-ups. Perhaps during bowels, improved power is required to power feces through the more restrictive sphincter.

The improved shearing power used to the hemorrhoid flare-ups by the moving feces may move the hemorrhoid flare-ups down and increase them.
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